Cheap Meals – Roasted Pepper, Mushroom & Basil Frittata

Oooh, a frittata! Sounds so expensive! So difficult!

Nope. About $0.75 per serving. And easy as pie.

Crustless, egg-filled pie.

In this particular frittata, and all of the frittatas (frittati?) I’ve made lately, I use:

  • 10 eggs (a dozen costs $1.99)
  • 1/2 red pepper (1 = ~$0.79)
  • 1/2 lb of white button mushrooms = ~$1.00.
  • Other ingredients (milk and spices in small amounts) = negligible cost

All in all, a frittata works out to about $3, or $0.75 for a quarter of it.


Step 1: Oil the pan (this is a 10″ glass pie pan).

Step 2: Place the (pre-roasted) red peppers in the bottom of the pan.

Step 3: Put some fried mushrooms, basil and really whatever else your heart desires, on top of the peppers. Our basil plant in the window is the gift that keeps on giving. 🙂

Step 4: In a measuring cup, I crack 10 eggs, add some milk and some water to bring it up to 2.5 cups. I’m still playing with proportions, and cream vs milk.

Step 5: Add herbs and spices, such as salt, pepper, smoked paprika, and parsley. Whisk it up good.

Step 6: Pour egg mixture into pan, slowly so as not to push around the fillings too much.

Step 7: Put it in the (pre-heated to 350F) oven and bake for 30 mins or so.

Step 8: Serve, consume and enjoy watching people’s eyes roll back in their heads. 🙂


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