Cheap Meals: Risotto!

Risotto is probably my favourite thing to make. It’s so easy, and you can throw in whatever you’ve got.

For instance, we had an old onion, a box of cherry tomatoes that was going wrinkly, half of a container of parm, and SO MANY mushrooms (we put them in everything, but we had gone a bit overboard with the mushrooms the week before).

I already had enough arborio rice in the cupboard for one more pot of risotto, so all we had to buy was a jar of pesto (~$3.50) and a fresh pepper (~$0.75).

The key is a lot of oil. You have to have enough to sautee the veggies, but also to coat every grain of rice after that. Risotto doesn’t work otherwise. Starch is kind of demanding.

After the veggies were done, I threw in all of the cherry tomatoes and let them simmer with the cover on (I wanted them to be ready to explode), and when they were ready, I added the minced garlic and let it do it’s thing (1-2 mins) until the kitchen smelled wonderful.

I’m such a-romatic.

Did you snort? Me too.

Pop, pop, pop! Carefully, that is. They’re full of hot tomato juice…

Then I added the rice, stirred it all around so it was coated in oil. The I poured enough hot veggie broth (you want it hot so it immediately gets that starch cookin’ and gettin’ creamy.) to cover it all.

It simmered until that liquid was almost gone, then I added hot water to cover it, and let it simmer again. Repeat, either with broth, or alternating between broth and water each time). Most people also use wine, but we don’t. But if you were to use it, I highly recommend you use actual wine that you would actually drink. NOT cooking wine. It’s a sham. A disgusting, hateful sham.

At some point in this culinary masterpiece, I also stirred in pesto. Probably when I added hot water instead of broth. I used the whole jar, not even gonna lie.

When it was nearly ready, I added the parm, and stirred it in. You have to wait until past the point of “al dente”. It must be creamy, or it just won’t have the “omg” effect.

Then Joe walked in. We sat down to eat. His eyes rolled to the back of his head, and I knew that it was good. 😛

Bonus risotto idea!

When I was in Saskatchewan, I went to Flip Eatery & Drink and had THE BEST RISOTTO OF ALL TIME. Duck confit on beet risotto, with pancetta and parmesan chips. I nearly died. I definitely moaned.


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