Fight the Man with your Money!

Happy International Women’s Day to women of all shapes, sizes, colours, orientations, marital status, etc. All women, everywhere!

Today is my and Joe’s day off together, aka the “Day of Errands” and we spent the majority of it driving around the city. After a lazy morning of tea, reading, lounging and cat cuddles, we made a meal plan and got groceries, picked up some printing for Joe’s work, got the boys some cat treats, donated more crap, blah blah blah. The whole time, we listened to International Women’s Day news on the radio, I was handed coupons in every store, and we discussed the meaning of the day in the car. I was making fun of the 10% coupon they handed me in one store, and said “they should have made the discount reflect the wage gap, and make up for it for one day.”

I thought it was hilariously clever (as I believe most of my jokes are), but also… why aren’t I in marketing?

As we often do, we discussed money, and ways that women have to spend money on stupid crap. Like “feminine hygiene” products! Joe knows I’m a die-hard cup user, and he asked how many people I’ve told about it. So many! Cups aren’t heavily marketed, so the only way word gets around is to literally spread the word. I heard about it from a female friend, and I’ve told countless female friends who I know have gone on to become loyal users and promoters of it.

What better way to fight the man (and save the world), than with your period? Seriously. It might be the most rebellious thing we can do.

How so?

  • Financial benefit: It’s ~$40 per cup, which lasts 10 years. That’s $4 a year you spend on taking care of your business. Compared to $120-$180 per year for 12 boxes of tampons/pads (depending on brand, size, etc). Even considering the low end of that range ($10 on pads/tampons per month), that’s $1200 per decade, as opposed to $40. You could use that to go to the spa 12 times! Stop paying that “luxury tax” on necessary hygiene products, and use it on actual luxuries instead.
  • Health benefit: No more bleached cotton rubbing up against mucous membranes! No more crazy risks of TSS! Do your bod a favour and use some safe, medical-grade silicone instead. Treat yoself. In addition, the cup is a bit more intimate (which tends to put people off trying it at first), which actually can help you notice subtle changes. Like volume, consistency, odour, etc. Changes that would not be obvious when all the liquid is absorbed into a cotton plug, that is easily disposed of without even having to look at it. There is a benefit to actually observing your bodily functions! They alert you to changes that may signal problems.
  • Environmental benefit: “Change those tampons every 2 hours” they say! “To reduce the risk of TSS” they say! That’s a lot of waste! Think about the massive pile of biological waste that each woman would produce in her ~40-50 years of menstruating, using tampons and/or pads. Imagine reducing that pile to zero. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Nil. The only waste being 1 small recyclable box every 10 years. I feel good about that. Wouldn’t you feel good about that?
  • Sanity benefit: No need to pack a bunch of extra crap for a trip, knowing Shark Week is looming. Just pack the cup, and you’ve got everything you need. I can’t even tell you how much more convenient it is knowing you haven’t forgotten any supplies (or underestimated the supplies), when you leave the house. Also, no dropping your purse and having a waterfall of tampons spill out onto the floor (at school, at work, at the gym, at the bar, at the airport, in the doctor’s office… it is never fun, doesn’t matter where). Just avoid it altogether!
  • Stealth benefit: No crinkling sounds in the bathroom that reveal what you’re up to! No joke.

According to Joe, the cup has even more benefits:

  • Makes a fun party hat
  • Collect dew in it while camping in the desert
  • Gives even more meaning to the song “Red Solo Cup” (I fill you up, let’s have a party!)

This is exactly why I keep him around. Good heavens.

In what ways do you rebel against the “luxury tax”, the anti-period rhetoric, the body shaming?

In what ways are you celebrating today? We’re making grilled cheese for lunch and high-fiving over $20 groceries. Yeah! 😀


One thought on “Fight the Man with your Money!

  1. Janet says:

    ha ha ha, reminds me of the time I offered my boyfriend a mint and accidentally handed him a tampon instead of the roll of mints I had in my other pocket!
    you have amazing ideas, keep up the blog!


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