First Debt Gone!

It’s Wednesday, our day off. Halle-freakin-lujah!

(Not that I needed it, my life is super-chill these days, but Joe sure works a lot!)


We slept in. We finished the books we were reading. We made breakfast and coffee. We chatted, teased each other, flicked each other lovingly in the forehead, Joe got some scissors and snipped a hole in the butt of my pyjama pants and in retaliation, I didn’t laugh at his jokes for a whole 10 minutes.

Typical Wednesday.

Then we got groceries, spent a grand total of $50 for the week on food, and high-fived in the parking lot. After dropping those off, we went and saw a couple of apartments. One had forgotten our appointment and nobody was there. The next one was in a nice enough area, but the 2 Br unit was smaller than our current 1 Br. And I’m 99% pretty sure the only reason they were in the process of re-painting it was because there had just been a murder in it. That was the vibe we got anyway. So that was a no.

“I’m so glad you thought of that excuse about the windows.” said Joe, as we ran to the car. “I had to! The thing about not allowing pets didn’t work! Of course they allow cats!”

Bye-bye, House of Horrors!

But on the bright side…

It was my payday, and I paid off the last $1000 of my credit line. So it’s done now. One debt  knocked off the list!!!

We high-fived. It felt good. Not just the high-five, but also having one debt less than  I did yesterday.

It is a good day.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!



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