Month-End Update: March 2017

What a crazy month! Definitely spent more overall, and got some harsh income tax news…

Work expenses (both directly reimbursed or indirectly) were higher due to more work trips than last month, and longer ones which affected hotel costs, rental car costs, food costs.

Personal expenses were also higher, due to one work trip to Toronto that I was allowed to extend a few days in order to visit friends and family. Sleeping was free, but eating was totally not. I ate a lot. 😛

No regrets. Kensington Market was my jam (and my jelly. And my marmalade).


Groceries (for me at least) were significantly lower, since I was almost never home. I have yet to see what Joe’s expenses were… though I suspect he lived on expired cafe food and rice. He’s so high-maintenance, that guy. 😉

Debt payments and savings were also significantly lower, due to the fact that I found out I owe a lot of income tax! That being said, I did pay off my credit line near the beginning of the month… so that’s a bonus! It felt SO good.

Bills of course, were the same. 🙂

This is how it all looks!

March Expenses

Next month will also result in lower debt payments, since I’ll have to hold on to every penny for income tax. But I expect to be back on track in May!


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