April Updates

Almost every day, we experience something in our current apartment that we won’t miss, and it triggers one or both of us to sing “we gotta get ouuutta this plaaace.” Sometimes we laugh about it (watching students fight the awful wind tunnels all around our building, as we watch from above)… sometimes we grit our teeth (construction noise).

So it was really exciting today when we got a casual form of confirmation (basically a handshake and a verbal ‘yes’) that we have a new apartment, starting June 1st-ish. It’ll be about $300 less per month for a bit more space, 2 minutes from Joe’s work, and out of the downtown with all its g** d*** construction!!! It also has a balcony and a dishwasher, and there’s laundry on every floor. What luxury!

It’s been a pretty exciting day and pretty darn exciting month. The apartment news is only the latest in a series of high-five moments.

Others include:

I got a raise! Nothing astronomical mind you, but a raise nonetheless, along with positive feedback from my manager. That’s always nice!

After a tough blow re: income tax (which really wasn’t that bad, and it’ll be completely possible to pay on time), I was super pleased to log into my student loan account today and see that after my last monthly payment, my federal loan is now down below $3000!!! It started at 14K only four years ago, including about a year without repayment (income was too low). In the last 3 months alone, I’ve managed to put an extra $650 on it, in addition to my regular monthly payments.

Goals for my student loan in May are:

1) Get it to $2500 by May 1st, and

2) Get it to $1500 by mid-May!!

At the rate I’m going, I should have it totally gone by the end of June at the latest. That’s so exciting!! Then I will have NO interest-accruing debts left. Only my interest-free provincial student loan (~$4500) and the 18K I owe my Dad (which he is so excited to get… it’ll be retirement fun money). 🙂

Joe also got some promising news regarding a car trade-in, so we’ll be doing some car shopping next week on his bday! He’s very excited about the possibility of lower monthly payments; about $200 less per month in gas (since we’ll live so close to his work); and a huge portion of his car loan disappearing.

Big things are happening! The year of sacrifice doesn’t seem that awful so far… in fact… I think life is about to improve drastically. 😉

Fingers crossed!


6 thoughts on “April Updates

  1. Keego says:

    So exciting!!!! I have to admit that almost nothing feels better than realizing how close you are to paying off that debt! It’s so motivating! And congrats on the new place!!!! You guys’ll be so much happier closer to Joe’s work! And way closer to me (and therefore closer to baby come July…) so you’ll have to come visit us more. Hahahahahahaha


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