Checkin’ Out the New Neighbourhood!

With me travelling for work a lot this month, and Joe working 6 days a week and getting the café ready for summer (helloooo, espresso affogato!), we’ve been packing as much into our days off as possible. Mostly chores, and café-related errands, but also exciting things, like that time we signed a new lease! 🙂

Last week, we decided that we should explore what will be our new neighbourhood starting in June. So on Joe’s birthday, we checked out Dewolfe’s Park in Bedford, which has an awesome boardwalk, playground and great views of the Bedford Basin and Halifax Harbour. We’re pretty pumped that this will be close by. We currently live just up the street from the Halifax waterfront.


Joe lookin’ like some kinda rock star.


This month I’ve also been back aboard the running train. I started slow and easy at the start of April, and it’s felt so good thus far that I’ve just kept going! I made a cute little tracker to log my kms this month, and I’m now past the 50K mark. It’s been pretty motivating to fill in, so I took some time while in Cape Breton this week for work, to make up a new and improved tracker for May. Voila!!

I’ll start hills and increase my Sunday runs in May, and by the end I should hit 10km. Truth be told, I could probably go out and do 10km right now, but I’ve made the “too much, too soon” mistake in the past and just created problems for myself, so I’m making sure to ease into it. This isn’t a running blog, but running makes me feel like more of a whole person (more productive, happier, better rested, etc.), and it gives me time to mull over ideas that prompt me to write! It’s also time spent not spending money. 😉

I’ve even convinced Joe to come on a couple runs with me, which is quality time together, and time to talk about the things I write about here (goals, plans, etc).

It also means more blurry, terrible, tired selfies for you to enjoy. 😛



After a very chilly, windy evening run!

Today we went exploring a little more in our new neighbourhood. A friend told me there was a swimming hole nearby, which we did manage to find (it’s beautiful!!!) and we also found some great trails! I’m getting so excited to live here!



They even made steps into the lake. How thoughtful!


I think Joe secretly loves selfies, he just pretends he hates them. 


Might as well be in our backyard, it’s so close! Whoopee!


At first, I was a little afraid we’d be really isolated in our new place. At first glance, it’s not really close to anything, and it’s not exactly in a pretty location, between two highways. But when we went exploring a bit, we discovered all sorts of benefits to living there! Where we are now, we do have Point Pleasant Park, but it’s about 2km away (3-4km away to get to the actual water/beaches), and it’s not great for swimming since it’s Atlantic Ocean water. Brrrrr. As it is, I’d have to walk about 30 mins, or run for 15 mins to get to the good walking trails. These trails and the lake are about a 5 minute walk from our building, and hidden away from tourists and really anyone who doesn’t live in the area.

Bonus: the trail ends at a Tim Horton’s! I mean, have the stars aligned or what!?

Just kidding Joe! You know where I get my java! 😉



3 thoughts on “Checkin’ Out the New Neighbourhood!

  1. Keego says:

    Beautiful pics of the area!! I’m so excited for you guys to move out here. And also… Board game cafe is right in the middle of your place and mine! so we’ll have to have some board game dates there too!


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