Moving Day Approaches!

It has been an insanely busy month.

Joe seems to be working 23 hours a day at the cafe, which only gets busier as the temperature rises.

I spent almost all of May travelling for work (Newfoundland, Toronto, New Brunswick, and tomorrow I leave for 5 days in Saskatchewan) and devoting all of my free time to a) running b) packing and c) thinking about packing…

With so few days off for Joe, and almost 0 days off together, packing to move has been pretty overwhelming! At the end of the day, all we can really do is look around the room at all the boxes, hug, and think about how good it’ll feel to be in the new place.

Yesterday, while I was stressing about all the work left to do, Joe said: “hey, won’t it be nice to have a balcony?”

It was a quick reminder that it will be worth it, and soon (9 days, in fact) we’ll be looking BACK at right now, just glad it’s all over!

But for now, I’ve got to somehow mash the rest of our belongings into hundreds of boxes.

How have we been doing with the spending?

I think we were I was a little less strict with spending in the past month. We definitely ate out (burgers, pizza) a couple times and once my income tax cheque was cashed and I no longer had to think about that, I felt a little more free to spend my disposable income on things I wanted.

I rewarded myself for 6 weeks of running/fitness classes with some new workout duds and a thicker yoga mat from Lolë.

I upgraded my phone, finally, which didn’t actually cost anything since I got a trade-in credit for my old one, but my plan is a little pricier. However, I negotiated the plan (played my loyalty card) and got $5 knocked off the monthly bill, which is nice. 🙂

Lastly, I plan on spending $300 at the end of the month for a 4-month pass to the group fitness studio I currently go to (and love). I bought a discounted 1-month pass at the end of April, which is expiring soon, and I’ve gone religiously 4-5 times per week. Even though we’ll be living further away from it soon, Joe will need the car less, so I’ll steal it to go to classes downtown. 😛 As long as I’m attending the classes, it’s worth it. It’s also a business owned/run by a female entrepreneur, so I’m more than happy to support it!

Joe, on the other hand, has had to tighten his purse-strings quite a bit after dropping some dough on new kitchen equipment for the cafe. He was doing so well paying down his credit card and credit line, and for a little while he was bummed that he was back to not being able to spend any money again. But I reminded him that he was in that exact same position in October/November, completely maxxed out in every way, and it only took him until April to get it to a reasonable level again. And as the cafe gets busier, that means more $$$, which means he should be able to pay it down even faster this time.

For now though, he’s working like crazy trying to a) make that money back and b) spend less on labour/wages. I get about an hour’s worth of conversation from him every day before he falls asleep (at 8pm). 😛

There are times when I’ve been frustrated that he’s working during our brief time together (on his one day off for the week), and voiced that frustration, but I do understand what he has to do. It helps that I grew up in this exact situation! Dad owned a small business and his finances were constantly up and down. He worked as late and as much as he could. Mom provided the steady paycheque as a schoolteacher, which gave Dad the comfort in knowing that at least the bills, food, essentials were taken care of without him selling anything at all. There were months where he didn’t sell a single thing, and months where he came home every night smiling with good news!

Now I find myself living the same life!! At least I’m familiar with it. 😛

So that’s been May! Working our butts off and trying to pack everything we own before the 31st.

See you on the other side!




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