Gina lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia, with her partner Joe and his (*ahem* their) two weird, old, male cats: Harley (a sexy blonde) and Graham (a sleek little panther).

Gina works full-time as a 3rd-party health inspector, with a background in biochemistry and human nutrition. She wants to spend more time travelling, eating sushi, reading crime fiction, using wonderful stationary, and (eventually) growing a family.

Joe would be happy spending as much time as possible on a beach, eating candy, eating pizza and seeing the world. More than once, Joe has disappeared in the grocery store and Gina has wrestled him out of the bulk candy aisle!

Together, they spend time budgeting, dreaming, adventuring in their quirky little province, supporting small/local businesses, and watching documentaries related to global socio-economic issues and systemic cultural problems. Favourites include: The True Cost, The Human Scale, Where To Invade Next, Zeitgeist, The Drop Box and Highway of Tears. There are still so many on the list! Feel free to recommend your favourites.

Note: The photo above was taken by Gina in Iceland in May 2016. For her, the photo shows beauty in minimalism, and appeals to her dream of a quiet and private retreat.